Pricetag to raise a child born in 2008 is $291,570 (but double it if you divorce)

According to the USDA’s “cost of raising a child calculator” middle income two-parent homes are spending about $291,570 per child up to age 18. The study did not talk about how much it costs for couples who are divorced. But my hunch is that it is considerably more, probably up to double. The study factors in housing, food, child care, education and other necessities but not college and child birth (which can run you another $30-40,000) in some instances. And that’s just for one kid.
The Agriculture Department has found that “Expenses are highest in cities in the U.S. Northeast, followed by urban areas of the West and Midwest. They are lowest in rural America and cities in the South.”
If I were you, I’d head to, say, Atlanta, Raleigh or Memphis after the split. Otherwise, you are going to be on welfare and collecting food stamps with these figures–unless of course you are married to a George David type who gives you $53,000 per week for toiletries and horse care. Not for nothing, but these are the stakes. Marry well so that there is money when the divorce hits, or plan on moving South.