Trina Thompson tries to divorce her alma mater

Trina Thompson graduated from Monroe College in the Bronx this past April and now, here we are in August and she hasn’t found a job. Guess what home girl does? She sues the college! I guess for breach of contract. I mean, four months is an eternity when you can’t at least fall back on unemployment and student loans are coming due. So I understand her predicament. Totally. But is this the best way to go about it? Sue the college? Well, it’s certainly novel. And you know what? A lot of schools (including law schools) don’t do enough to tell students that the degree may not be worth the paper its printed on. I mean, there is an implied promise: “come to our school; don’t go to the school across town.  We will educate you and prepare you for the workplace and when we are done, you will get a job.” For a lot of folks, this is not what actually happens. Some folks never find a job. But after just what four months? Trina may be a little bit impatient. I mean, I know lawyers who job hunt for 4 years after law school! Or longer. Some just remain life-long temps. So you know what Trina? You are just a bit of a diva.
What does this have to do with divorce? Not a darn thing. I never promised anybody that I wouldn’t digress from my theme from time to time. So there.