Vladimir Putin may be a "vainglorious" tart but he's not getting divorced and he's got great pecs!

Lake Baikal, Siberia
The Telegraph.co.uk called my boy Vladimir a “vainglorious tart.” I so loved the word vainglorious, I looked it up right away, discovered it means “boastful” and vowed to make it a part of my vocabulary from here on. Cause I love the word! VAIN-GLORIOUS. And I think I have a tiny little crush on Mr. Putin. Just a little teeny weeny one.
I did a post about Vlady last year when he got all this press after there were these rumours that he was getting divorced from his wife (a rather matronly middle aged babushka as compared to, say, a young gymnast he was alleged to be having an affair with). But it turns out that it was a big fat lie. Vlady’s was not getting divorced.
But is he vainglorious? If so I am sure it’s justified. He’s a very manly man in a world where I am becoming increasingly confused about the state of “manhood.” Vlady doesn’t strike me as the type of man a woman would ask, “wait a minute, but who is the man in this relationship?” I really dig men like that. I like a man to be all MAN. No girly handbags please.
Vlady was photographed this weekend on the lake in Siberia. He did an expedition with some scientists at Lake Baikal to “study gas hydrates and natural seepage of crude oil on the bottom of Baikal.” And he was shirtless as he pranced around lakeside. Isn’t it cold in Siberia? I guess he has his wife to warm him up. Although, she was nowhere to be seen as he cavorted like a man in his 20’s displaying his pecs on a world stage.
But I wonder where his wife is? I haven’t seen them photographed together in years!
Yea, with a tan (and minus the bling), Vlad’ll get an 8/10 on my list of hottest world leader, 2009