FLORIDA: Dalia Dippolito on when your marriage becomes a waste of your time

You know your marriage is over when you start to feel that your spouse is a “waste of both oxygen and bandwith” or better yet, when you hire an under cover police officer to pop him (or her) off for 5000 bucks.
That is exactly what Dalia Dippolito is alleged to have done in Boynton Beach Florida. Well. Wait a minute. Homegirl, first of all, is smoking! Ok? If she doesn’t have breast implants, God really blessed her big time. Plus, she clearly works out and has a very fit looking body. That’s number one.
Number two, she’s a great actress. Are you kidding me? If you watch the YOUTUBE video, you would swear she was really distraught when the police came to her and told her that her husband was dead. She carried on like there was no tomorrow, lemme tell you. I almost believed she was distraught, except I knew it was a sting and the police was just setting her up.
But boy. Talk about her marriage being a waste of her time. She clearly was over the experience and over the man. She had a lover by the side, allegedly, and told the lover that she was going to pop off the husband. (Lover is the one who blew the whistle apparently). Then, (oh, and by the way Dalia was married to her husband for only six months) she got the poor sap to sign over his condo to her. He had bought the condo before marriage and after six months, she got him to sign it over to her lock, stock and barrel. (guess he was distracted by her cleavage when he did that.) Then she hired the hitman not knowing she was really hiring an undercover cop. And they simulated a crime scene and totally took her for a ride.
This is what happens when marriage becomes a waste of your time and you have a criminal mind. Now this girl is going to spend a long time in prison for her troubles. How dumb. I hear that some very choice things happen in prison to women who look like her. She should have thought of that before she did something as stupid and criminal as to hire a hit man to pop off her husband. Why the hay didn’t she just ask for a divorce? I don’t understand it.
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