MINNESOTA: Auto mogul Denny Heckler's wife Tamitha Hecker seeks $15 million divorce settlement

Denny Hecker is reportedly a former auto mogul who is now in bankruptcy and getting divorced from his second wife Tamitha. This according to the Twin Cities Pioneers Press. The wife is the plaintiff and she is citing “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.” She wants child support for their two children such that they can live at the standard they were living during the marriage. 
The couple has a post nup (a la Countess Marie Douglas David and George David) which basically gives Tamitha $5 million less than the original post nup (they seemed to constantly re-negotiate their agreement) and Tamitha, like the Countess, wants to set the post nup aside.
Denny on the other hand, is accused of purchasing a $60,000 fur coat for another woman just last year. And his first wife apparently had accused him of fraud during their divorce (he under-stated his income by tens of thousands if not millions according to her affidavit).
Which poses an interesting question: Is Denny Hecker, who ever he is, faking his bankruptcy in order to get around paying his current wife Tamitha jack in this divorce settlement? Or is he really broke? Says the Twin Cities Pioneer Press:

He is being investigated by the Minnesota State Patrol, the IRS and the FBI for money laundering, conspiracy and mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud, and for allegedly pocketing tax, title and license fees owed to the state of Minnesota. In recent months, he’s also battled accusations of fraud from creditors, business associates and the trustee in his bankruptcy case. Hecker has not been charged with any crime and has denied any wrongdoing.

If Denny is broke, (his estate apparently is underwater to the tune of about $767 million) then, what will Tamitha do to get her equitable distribution? Cause she will take subject to creditors and if there is nothing left, she may find herself going from her mansions in  Medina and other residences in Crosslake Minn.; Arizona; Florida; Colorado; and Mexico to a one bedroom flat on the wrong side of town. Plus, she may have to take a job doing toe nails at a local salon, which will be totally embarrassing I have to say. 
I mean, once a woman has lived a certain standard of living, it’s very hard to go back to the slums. Not that Tamitha was ever in the slums. I am using the term very metaphorically. But you know what I mean, right? Living well is addictive. At least, I think it would be, although I’ve never personally had the experience.