Can having inappropriate tattoos lead to divorce?

Except for me, it seems like everybody has a tattoo. I never understood the allure. To me, it’s like getting branded. Like cattle. Or even like slaves. I could never get a tattoo.
But I am definitely in the minority. Especially when mega stars like Angelina Jolie and her lover Brad Pitt, sex up the past time by sporting multiple tattoos on various parts of their anatomy.
Angelina has even copped to having tattoos that are, well, hidden in areas not for the general public to view. Wonder where those could be?
I got to thinking about tattoos recently. Don’t ask me how. I just thought of it as a blog post. (Aren’t you amazed by how I come up with these titles for posts?   I know I amaze myself.) But, yea. I thought of tattoos and divorce and I wondered if it could ever be a deal breaker or tipping point for a couple on the verge? Could it drive them to a divorce?….oh, I know how I got the idea. I was reading about this woman in Florida who got arrested for something and she told the arresting officers that she had tattoos and cocaine in her privates, and I just thought, “wow!” And so, then I began to think of a divorce angle for her stunning revelation. Hence, can having inappropriate tattoos lead to divorce?
I can tell you this: it might be a tipping point for me personally. I mean, hypothetically, let’s say my husband (don’t laugh it could happen), let’s say, he came home with a tattoo in an inappropriate place. It would appall me. And it would make me worry and wonder. What is going on? Does he have a secret life? I mean, is he a pervert? What is the statement this tattoo is supposed to make to me? What does it say about the state of our marriage?
The thing is, some people in this world are very sort of…square. They like things regular, normal and clean. And to the extent that this tattoo is not “regular”, “normal” and “clean”, I think it could create friction in the relationship cause it’s not like you can just get these things removed. My understanding is that once you get a tattoo, you need surgery to remove it. Correct? So, yea. No, I could not personally condone an inappropriate tattoo by a mate. After all, the other person who does not have the tattoo would have to look at your inappropriate tattoo for the rest of that marriage, and that’s not fair. It can totally be demoralizing actually. You can start to feel like your spouse is making a mockery of you and the marriage just by having that thing plastered on them. Why should a person have to deal with that?
And, I mean, it would make a difference what the tattoo is. I mean some images are not as objectionable as others. So, for instance, if your mate tattooed a swastika on their privates or something, what are you supposed to do with that? That is an extreme example, obviously. But the point I am trying to make is that it matters what the tattoo is. Some tattoos are more objectionable than other tattoos. And where it is placed is relevant.
Further, even if you don’t have the tattoo placed in an inappropriate place, or even that the image is not objectionable, what if you cover your body with tattoos and your spouse is not into tattoos? This is a big problem. This can be an eye sore to some people, having an arm full of tattoos or a torso full of tattoos. Why should anyone have to put up with that all in the name of marriage? It’s unsightly and bizarre and yes, I think it could lead to divorce. On what basis? In New York? Definitely cruel and inhuman treatment. And constructive abandonment too. Cause you are making it impossible for your spouse to want to sleep with you if you look like an eye sore and when you got married, you didn’t have these things on you.