FLORIDA: Dalia Dippolito on how to have a not-for-profit divorce

Presumably when she allegedly hired an undercover officer to kill her husband, Dalia Dippolito was looking to cash in by first of all, getting the condo, second of all, maybe getting insurance money (if there was insurance), third of all, getting what was in the bank accounts, fourth of all getting maybe a personal injury wrongful death payout amount and fifth of all, keeping all her money and not having to share it with a dead spouse.
If she had played her cards right and hired a real hit man, she might have been successful and this would have been a very profitable situation for her; instead, she played her cards wrong and she won’t get a dime. Instead, she is heading to the state penitentiary. That is almost certain. And her husband will divorce her and he will profit in that he can now, in addition to getting his condo back, keeping all the cash and other assets, etc., he is bound to be approached with offers to write a book and do a TV movie deal and he’s looking at millions.
So in other words, he will have a for-profit divorce. And she, quite the opposite, will have a not-for-profit one.
Oh well. Next time, if there is a next time, Dalia really ought to do a bit more research before she embarks on criminal activity. I mean, how incredibly dumb to have hired a cop as a hitman.
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