FLORIDA: Dalia & Michael Dippolito's divorce: Do you think a divorce buster can save that marriage?

Michael Dippolito said that he feels bad for Dalia now that she is in police custody. But he certainly wishes she had just taken the money and left him be rather than try to have him murdered. She even told the undercover cop that she is 5000% sure she wanted him hit. That’s a lot of certainty.
It kinda begs the question, “what could he possibly have done to make her hate him so much after only six months of marriage?”
Not to defend Dalia, but normally, it is more than depravity and criminality that would push a woman to do something like this. What was going on behind closed doors? When I watch Michael on YouTube, he doesn’t seem shocked and surprised and hurt that his own wife tried to do this. It seems more like business as usual. It’s almost as if he expected it, and too bad for her that she couldn’t pull off her brazen attempt to pop him off, better luck next time. It’s weird.
So, I got to thinking, maybe he still loves her? Is this love? Maybe he is hoping they can somehow get marriage counseling? Maybe they can hire a divorce buster to put their marriage back together again? What is this guy thinking? He has a poker face. He has a weird reaction to this.
What was going on behind closed doors?