MASSACHUSETTS: Is it luck or skill that helps you avoid divorce?

I was just reading about divorce Attorney Nancy R. Van Tine of Boston who says in an interview with the Boston Globe: “
that she started a divorce blog in February, and she is excited about the 75 hits per day she gets. Which absolutely amazes me. If I got 75 hits per day, I’d probably slit my wrist and stop writing. No, I’m very serious. I often get ten times that much (or more!) and I feel like a failure. She sees it as a success that she gets 75 hits per day. Wow.
But what really spurred my imagination is when she spoke of her own marriage of 44 years: “I’ve been married 44 years, but I don’t consider that a credit to me or my husband. We got lucky.
I came away thinking, “hme….I don’t know about that. ” I mean, I think marriage is a lot of work; luck has very little to do with it. My parents have been married about that long and I look at them, and just feel trepidation in my soul. Cause that’s work on a daily basis and I am not sure I am woman enough to handle that particular challenge, which is why I stay happily single, because on a personal level, I just don’t believe in divorce. If I don’t think I can pull off a life long marriage with someone, I won’t marry him. If that means I remain a spinster all my life, so be it. I would rather that than have a divorce on my hands. And in most scenarios, I can’t see pulling off a life long marriage. Especially because a lot of guys today are not like old fashioned kind of guys like my dad. And because I am an old fashioned kind of girl, from the get go, I couldn’t pull off a life long marriage with these types.
But I have no fantasy that it will be an easy task if I did marry eventually. And it won’t be luck either. Not to say luck doesn’t factor into it some. It does. But mostly, I see marriage as a commitment no matter what. I see it as two people choosing to honor their vows if it kills them. I see sacrifice. I see challenges and hardships. I see tears. I see moments where you contemplate maybe doing a Lorena Bobbit on dh. I see choosing not to divorce even though sometimes you just can’t stand the person another day. It’s an institution, this marriage thing. They should formulate special meds for married people so they can take it while in the institution, and feel happy like they are really in la la land. They should create something to take off the edge. Cause for most people, that might help them avoid divorce.
What can I tell you? And people who last for 40, 50 years in their marriage today? That is no accident. That is not luck. That is choice. That is work. That is sacrifice. That is taking their vows seriously. That is serious. Intense. Not for the faint of heart.
So I don’t know what that Boston lawyer is talking about. She is being facetious probably to say that it was luck her marriage lasted 44 years. I am sure she’s endured her own private hell with that marriage. But she woman’d up and dealt with it. And for her troubles, she still has her husband. She still has her relationship. She never divorced. Good for you, Ms. Van Tine.
Now, about those 75 hits. You meant 750, right?