Is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton angry with her husband for upstaging her in North Korea? And are they getting divorced or is it a "placebo"?

Today, Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State of the United States, angrily retorted to a question by a young African student, “my husband is not the Secretary of State. I am!” And all the bloggers are going crazy for this latest Bill and Hillary catnip.
Is this relevant, this outburst? Is there trouble in paradise? Is there competition? Envy? Resentment? Believe it or not, a lot of power couples like Bill and Hillary have trouble in their marriages because they compete with each other and they are envious of each other’s successes.
I have never thought Hillary to be jealous of Bill. But if it is true that she snapped this response to the question, “what does Mr. Clinton think about China’s influence in Africa,” then maybe there might be some frayed nerves there. Maybe there is some subliminal competition and resentment. After all, Bill just had a successful media friendly assignment in North Korea where he was able to negotiate a release of American journalists Laura Ling and her compadre. I thought that should have been Hillary’s job myself. I mean, I have not heard of any major successes that she has had since she was appointed Secretary of State. But there is Bill, out of nowhere, getting things done, while Hill is relegated to Africa to talk to Angolans about farming and the Chinese. It is important work, but not as sexy as what her husband just pulled off. And I think she feels a bit….hme….maybe a tiny bit jealous. After all, she’s been in obscurity and here he comes once again, on his private, pricey jet provided by the likes of Hollywood heavyweight whathisface? and steals her thunder, and her spotlight. No fair.
But will this be the straw that breaks her back? Will this break the bond they obviously share? Are they getting DIVORCED? Or is this latest “divorce producing pill” just a placebo?
Stay tuned. I am sure we will all find out.