The Inglorious "Bastards"…get the same child support as wedlock kids

Do you know the law used to be different in terms of child support for children born in wedlock, and “bastards” those born out of wedlock? Thank god that has changed and that all children are treated equally for the most part. I mean, in New York, a child born in wedlock does have a higher standard in the sense that the court can look to the “marital standard of living” in awarding support. And obviously, with a “bastard” child, there is no such standard of living, and so the Child Support Standards Act is pretty much the standard. But for the most part, the perctentages hold through for those born in wedlock, and for those who the law used to call the [inglorious] “bastards.”
I know. This is not even funny. I hate that word, “bastard” except in the context of a male infidel. Or one of my clients’ husband whom she calls (justifiably in my opinion now that I met the man and saw for myself what she deals with) “you-bastard-son-of-a b***h!!!” as if it is a proper noun or something, and as if it is one word. I mean, she never uses his actual name. She only calls him “you-bastard-son-of-a-b***h!!!” and I hate to say it but it amuses me so when she does that. It really does.
hahahhahhahahahahhaha….. 🙂
I’m sorry. I really shouldn’t be amused by things like this.