Do you think your parents should get a divorce?

If you’re like me, you are practically what Candy Spelling would call “middle aged” and your parents have been married long before you could say candy. You also would probably become unhinged if they ever got, er, divorced. Right? I can’t imagine such a thing. I mean, I am old enough and jaded enough and damaged enough to know that there is nothing in life you can take for granted. There is almost nobody you can really trust. You have to expect the unexpected. Things like that. I know it is naive of me to think my parents would never get divorced. But that is what I think. They never would. And no. I don’t think they should. And if they did, I would become undone. Even though I’m middle aged….well, I’m not really. But Candy Spelling would probably think so, if she thinks 36 year old Tori (her daughter) is middle aged…….But I do see this trend of older couples who have been married over, say, 30 years, getting divorced at a greater rate than ever before. And I just wonder what the kids think about that? Why is it happening? And do the kids support these decisions? Or do they become unglued themselves?
But what about you? Do you think your parents should get divorced? I don’t suppose you would want to share your reasons for saying that on this forum, would you?