Jane Iwanowski, Wall Street trophy wife, busted for DWI; is the marriage on the rocks?

Says the New York Post:

It’s been a rough year for Ray and Jane Iwanowski. The couple was flying high last year, with Ray, 42, running the Global Alpha hedge fund for Goldman Sachs. In September, they bought a 4,184-square-foot, nine-room apartment at 823 Park Ave. for $13.5 million. But then, in March, Ray and his partner Mark Carhartboth retired from Goldman, having suffered investment losses and client redemptions which brought the fund’s assets down from $12 billion in 2007 to $2.5 billion.

Apparently, poor Jane has been busted for driving while intoxicated after driving her luxury ride into a tree in East Hampton. It got me to wondering if their money troubles are getting to them and whether she smells a divorce on the horizon (riches to rags situations can really take a toll on an otherwise loving marriage) and so she decided to drink herself to stupor to ward off the emotional pain?
In which case I really feel bad for her. Really, really bad.