Jon and Kate Gosselin's domestic violence incidence report by cops

Is it true that Jon and Kate Gosselin got into a heated domestic altercation whereby the police had to be called to cool tempers of the soon the be divorcees? Wow. They can’t be serious. But I got this from the Hollywood Gossip Blog (they are reputable and credible, no?) and I’m just non-plussed. I thought Kate was more mature than that (listen to me as if I could be any better behaved under the circumstances.)
The fact that no arrests were made suggests strongly that no fists flew in anyone’s face, just a loud verbal altercation. The kids must have been terrified and so sad. I bet you they were crying. Poor children.
Hey, Jon and Kate, hurry up and sign off on this marriage. It’s clear that it’s over. Spare the kids any further traumas like this one. Please.
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