Bobby Brown (Whitney's ex) to be arrested for failure to pay child support

Whitney Houston’s ex husband (they divorced in 2007) Bobby Brown is in big trouble. Again. The Family court of Massachusetts has issued a warrant for his arrest for contempt. He failed to obey a court order to pay child support for two children residing in the state….as a general rule, I think failure to pay child support is just awful. But I just wonder if maybe Bobby Brown is broke? I mean, he hasn’t come out with any records lately. And he is no longer married to his bank vault Whitney. So what is his source of income? And how is he to afford 5-figure child support payments? It seems he really needs his lawyer to go in there and request a DOWNWARD MODIFICATION. Although, maybe he is making money from some other source. Who knows? Just because I’m not aware of any records doesn’t mean a thing. I am completely out of touch with the music scene and am more likely to listen to QXR than anything else (I know. I’m a nerd.) But you know, I do listen to popular music and this summer, I even got into the Black Eyed Peas’ I LIKE THE BOOM BOOM POW….WATCH MY SWAGGER.
hahahahahahhahahahhaha……I crack myself up sometimes. I really do. But yea. What’s up with Bobby Brown? Why does he keep getting arrested for failure to pay child support?