Hey Regis, do you think Jon and Kate will regret getting divorced?

Regis Philbin has always struck me as a bit of a puritan. I think he’s the type of guy who would abhor divorce. Guess how surprised I was to learn that he has actually been divorced prior to hooking up with his long time wife, Joy Philbin!
But in any event, I was reading on another blog that he had Kate Gosselin on his show the other day (Live with Regis and Kelly) and he was waxing improbable about the Gosselins getting back together.
Now I am the biggest puritan and romantic ever there was. But I don’t see a reconciliation with those two after that man went off to St. Tropez with the 22 year old and used all those other opportunities to portray himself like a jack ass. Reege, you hear that? There will be no reconciliation because Jon is a JA.
Of course, I’ve also heard that Kate is no peach in the orchard either. So I am not necessarily siding with her. All I can say is that post-divorce, she acted like a mature parent of 8 young children and her husband portrayed himself like a jack ass.
I don’t think these two will have regrets about a divorce. If anything they will regret ever getting married and having all those unfortunate (broken home) kids.
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