The 3 Broke Divorce Musketeers of the Month: Marc Leder, Denny Hecker & UK's Scot Young

The three divorce Musketeers of the Month are Marc Leder and Denny Hecker of the United States and UK’s Scot Young.
Each of these bad boys are (or were) filthy rich. That is right up until the time to divorce, that is. Let’s start with Marc Leder. He was a private equity guy who was into buying up companies and selling them. He had a portfolio valued at over $40 billion at one point (and he had a business partner with a 50% stake in the company). Anyways, up until the divorce, Marc was a very rich guy. Says the Palm Beach Post:

Sun Capital’s portfolio of household names includes Boston Market, Edwin Watts Golf Shops,Fazoli’s Restaurants, Friendly’s Ice Cream,Gerber Childrenswear, Limited Stores and Smokey Bones Barbecue.
Lisa Lederin February filed for divorce after 22 years of marriage and three children. In court documents, Marc Leder denies that he’s worth $400 million, but says he offered Lisa a settlement of more than $100 million that would have made her “among the richest women in Florida.”

Marc Leder’s wife Lisa Leder is seeking a bigger payout than the $100 million dh offered her. He claims he is only worth $200, 000,000 and he is giving her half which is $100 million in settlement. Lisa is like, yea right. Where did all the money just go? We are living among the creme de la creme in Boca Raton and for years, Marc; we lived super large and super-sized. We had everything from luxury cars, to nannies, to houses all over the country. Now you want to cheap skate me by giving me just $100 million? No way. I don’t want it. I am taking you to court and I’m going to make you prove to the court that you are broke. Sure I know a lot of people feel I should take the money you offered, the pittance, really. They claim you are broke and that you are trying to hide it from your investors. But I will believe it when you prove it. I find it very suspicious that all of a sudden, you don’t got no money. I think you are worth north of $400 million and I’m going to prove it.
……………..Can she?…………..
Next up is Denny Hecker. This guy lives, in I believe, Minnesota. And his divorce from his wife Tamitha is heating up the newspapers because he is also claiming to be broke after living a posh life out there near the Great Lakes. Says the Pioneer Press:

Denny Hecker, 57, who once reigned over an empire of more than 200 companies and two dozen auto dealerships, filed for personal bankruptcy protection June 4. He listed assets of about $18 million and liabilities of $767 million.
Skolnick said the couple’s agreement, signed in October, did not provide a specific payment to Tamitha Hecker in the event of a divorce. Instead, he said, its purpose was to “null and void” all previous agreements — including one that would have granted her $15 million — and to establish that the couple would be entitled to an “equitable.

Tamitha is very suspicious of Denny being broke all of a sudden. She is only asking for $15 million, nothing like what Lisa Leder is asking for. But even that is too much for Denny. He is claiming he has nothing at all. He is completely broke and owes Chrysler Financial and a whole bunch of other people he claims. And get this: Homeboy is allegedly under investigation for bankruptcy fraud! (Not sure if this is true, but certainly that is what is being reported by newspapers in Minnesota, so who knows? I havent’ actually seen the bankruptcy petition so I can’t say it’s a fact, but I read that the trustees are very suspicious) If Hecker is determined to be bankrupt, Tamitha will get a settlement only after all the creditors are paid. That could mean that she walks out of that marriage with zilch.
Finally, UK’s Scot Young. This dashing Brit was a big shot tycoon who rubbed elbows with international celebrities and folks like Bill Clinton. He had homes in various countries including Germany, Britain and the United States. The money apparently came from Real Estate investments. He is worth in excess of $600 million according to his wife but all of a sudden, he too turned up MYSTERIOUSLY broke. In fact, he was facing jail time in the Uk if he failed to come up with an accounting of what he did with $400 million pounds. The court even confiscated his passport according to the report on If he doesn’t provide the court with an accounting, he’s going to jail for 6 months this September 7. Like Hecker, he claims that he is not only broke, he’s pretty much bankrupt and owes his creditors more than 27 million pounds.

At an earlier hearing, he was told he faced jail if he failed to fully answer a questionnaire into his financial circumstances. He appeared in court on Monday before Mrs Justice Parker, who had ‘no hesitation’ in finding him guilty of contempt.
He has until September 7 to comply, or he will be jailed for six months. Now the spotlight has turned, not just on his mega-rich lifestyle, but also his business dealings and associates.
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My big question is, is this a new trend? Are divorcing men declaring war on their wives by plotting to leave them penniless and without a settlement after the marriage ends? Or are more rich men honestly going bust or what? What is really going on with the dh’s out there and why would they plot to leave their wives and kids without support, if, in fact, that is what they are trying to do? I mean, I read so many stories like these three, and I am very perturbed. It can’t all be a coincidence that on the eve of a divorce filing, so many rich men are turning up broke.
I guess the bigger question is, what can wives do to protect themselves? I sort of feel that maybe they are not savvy enough during the marriage. They need to do their divorce planning before they even sign on to the marriage. And keep their eyes and ears open all during the marriage. Cause it’s just a fact that when it comes to money, men as a whole are a bit quicker than women in understanding it, and knowing how to manipulate it. If a woman isn’t real sharp (and a little bit suspicious) if that marriage cracks up, it is getting easier and easier for some not so scrupulous husbands, to take their wives to the pauper house. And the kids too.