Whole Foods CEO gets "Dear John Letter" from customers (and bloggers)

The corporate divorce
You can pretty much call it a divorce. Because a whole bunch of Whole Foods customers are angry at CEO John Mackey and they are organizing on the Internet and calling for a divorce from boycott of Whole Foods on account of the fact that John Mackey, a self-described “Democratic Libertarian” opposes Health Care Reform. Apparently, Mackey wrote an Op Ed in the Wall Street Journal that has angered liberals in that he basically said that, according to the consumerist.com:

It all started with Mackey’s Tuesday WSJ op-ed, which suggested, among other things, that the health insurance options provided to Whole Foods employees should be a more popular option to control health care costs, tort reform should be enacted to control health care costs, and that the government shouldn’t dictate to insurance companies what diseases and treatments they should cover. Oh, yeah, and that our country wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place if more people shopped at Whole Foods.

So folks are basically calling for him to get a clue before he runs his business into the ground by forcing all his customers to divorce his business….(apparently he sold about $1.4 million worth of Whole Foods stock just a week before his op ed. Don’t know what that means, but it looks somewhat fishy to the folks in the know.)
Boy. Guess if I had to write a Dear John Letter, I’d say, Dear John, next time just think it quietly. Don’t take out an op ed….oh, and why the heavy opposition to health care reform? Don’t you  sort of think what some of these insurance companies are doing is a little bit fascist and that it needs to CHANGE?