Karen Sypher's divorce woes: she needs $11,000 per month maintenance

The woman accused of trying to extort $10 million dollars from her husband’s friend/boss is in the midst of a divorce maelstrom. Karen Sypher’s  husband Tim Sypher, friend of Karen’s lover Rick Pitino, has dumped her faster than he’d dump a hot potato following her extortion plot whereby she allegedly tried to get $10 million from Rick. Did you follow all that? Her husband is dumping her because she tried to extort millions from Rick Pitino who happens to be her husband’s friend and work associate (and by the way she married her husband just eight months after the alleged affair with Pitino which resulted in a pregnancy and then an abortion? Did the abortion actually happen? Not too sure….)
Ok. Anyways.
Now poor Karen is broke. She makes about $1600 per month and has made a motion to the court to get her husband to pay her $11000 per month so as to maintain the marital standard of living. And that’s the test during the pendency of the divorce action. Maintenance should be at the rate that would allow the other spouse to continue to live at the marital standard of living. At least, that’s the rule in New York. Of course, once the divorce is finalized, you can get less than the marital standard of living in maintenance and alimony. And it may not be permanent. It could be “durational” assuming you get it at all.
Still, $11,000 per month ain’t much when you consider gals like Countess Marie David who wanted $53,000 per week. That obviously has to do with how much the respective husbands brought home. George David and Tim Sypher shouldn’t really occur in the same conversation. It’s just not the same issue….another blaring example of why women need to do what Countess Marie did and “marry well.”
Anyways, time will tell if the court does award Karen the $11,000 per month. The judge reportedly asked her why she doesn’t get a job and she basically said she has no references now that the FBI has told everybody that she’s up on extortion charges. Although, I think it is improper for the court to ask her that at this stage. The test, once again, is the marital standard of living. Her maintenance award should be consistent with that. Whether she works or finds a job, is not relevant now. It will become relevant when they need to determine her post-divorce alimony/maintenance. But right now, if the husband can pay $11,000 per month and that is the standard Karen’s been used to, the judge should simply award it, pretty much.
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