NEW YORK: Bernie Madoff's $250,000 pay off to secretary to hush adultery?

I don’t even care about this so I don’t know why I’m writing about it. But according to the New York Post, Bernie Madoff supposedly had a few adulterous trysts at the office. I had thought that his last secretary whatsherface seemed suspect in the sense that, she might have wanted him and there might have been some flirtation going on, and that she might have resented Ruth to an extent. I just picked that up in the subtext.
But now I have confirmation that he played a bit, if the New York Post article is correct. although, I think the Post was quoting Jerry Oppenheimer‘s new book, “Madoff With the Money.” A lot of these folks make stuff up. Especially in these office scenarios. You talk to someone at the office, and invariably someone accuses you of an affair. You don’t talk to anyone, they accuse you of being anti-social and weird. You only talk to other females, you’re a lesbian. You only talk to males, you’re a skank who wants somebody’s husband and boyfriend. Why does anyone bother going to the office? It can be such a hell hole. 
But yea. Madoff. At 70, I am sure he had at least one flirtation in his 50 year marriage. I’m sure. Probably did a couple of double takes when an attractive woman walked by his desk wearing a skirt that show-cased her calves a few times. So what? He’s a heterosexual male and he checks out girls. So what? But did he actually pay one $250,000 to hush follow-through activity with said secretary? Who knows. It seems a paltry sum to me for something like that. I mean $2.5 million is more like it. But that is what Jerry Oppenheimer apparently said in his book. That the secretary took $250,000. What an incredibly paltry sum. That ain’t nothing but piggybank change, darling. No self-respecting secretary who bonked Bernie Madoff would have let herself be cheap skated like that.