Robin Wright Penn to divorce Sean?

Sean Penn is getting a dose of his own kool aid, I’ve heard. I kinda like it. If a man asked me for a divorce twice, I’d sort of think he didn’t really really want to be married to me, and I’d secretly be biding my time, waiting for my moment when I could return the favor. tit for tat, darling.
But no, I’d be very hurt, as I’m sure Robin Wright Penn is deep down. It’s embarassing having your husband constantly filing divorce actions against you. what is that? He loves her so much that he keeps asking for a divorce? Come on, now. She’s not old. She’s not ugly. There’s some other guy who will want her, Sean. Don’t get too big for your britches just cause you won the Oscar for Milk. Okay? Cause she can get another you in a minute, so don’t you run away with the idea that you’re irreplaceable. Got that?
…….I wonder if they had a prenup? Unless she came from money, he’s definitely the bread winner in that family. I’d say. Wonder if she’ll take him to the cleaners? He’s cute though. Facially, anyway. I’ve begun to learn that a “cute” face really doesn’t mean a good person is inside that. Not that ugly faces have bad people behind them either. I guess what I’m learning at this late date, is just don’t judge a person by the way they look. Cause I think Shakespeare once said, “one can smile and smile and be a villain.”
Not that I’m saying Sean is a villain or anything. But it sure seems that he took his wife a little bit for granted sometimes, doesn’t?