Divorce Statistics – age, education, children, cohabitation, sex

 I was reading this article about divorce statistics which I thought was germane to our divorce blog. Based on what they are saying (and you may or may not agree) people who marry at a younger age – under age 20- are more likely to get divorced and the woman is more likely to be the one to ask for divorce. Over age 20 and under age 30 it seems the man is more likely to ask for a divorce. 
As far as income and education goes, the more educated you are and the more money you have, the more stable your marriage is going to be.
Children from a previous relationship seem to muck up a marriage like nothing else. For some reason, folks only want to deal with their own kids. And speaking of that, cohabitation seems to mitigate against a successful marriage. In other words, if you live together before you marry, you are more likely to end up getting divorced than if you don’t live together.
Fornication (sex outside of marriage) is also a problem according to the stats. Do it outside of the bonds of matrimony and your marriage is pretty much doomed, my friend. And didn’t the word of God say this? No fornication?
hahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha……that’s me cracking up. (But I think God is right, don’t get me wrong. I think it is better to wait. But the whole concept makes me laugh for some strange reason. )
Stop the premarital innercourse!!!! Hahahahahhahahahhahahahaha.