Octomom Nadya Suleman's octuplets to get a guardian?

Octomom Nadya Suleman to get guardian for kids?
A California judge has brought Octomom Nadya Suleman and her brood one step closer to getting a financial guardian. The judge did not dismiss a petition for a financial guardian that had been brought on behalf of the babies, by a perfect stranger.  (Nadya’s attorneys requested a dismissal.) Instead, the judge has given the case the go ahead. That means that the next step is for a court evaluator to review the petition, meet with the parties, see the kids and investigate the allegations to help the court determine if a guardian should be appointed.
But get this: The case was brought by a total stranger who has nothing to do with those kids and he is repped by the pitbull attorney Gloria Allred. To be fair, I only know Allred from the few times I’ve seen her on TV and she just strikes me as a pitbull. (Are there two “t’s” in pittbull or one?).    Sometimes, I would even say she strikes me as a bit of a bully. I mean, she could be a perfectly nice person, but she comes off as cantankerous and mean and a bit of a meddlesome person who will rip your liver out to get her way. But I could be wrong. She’s probably more like a cuddly pussy cat……
My big issue with this is that the petitioner, a former child actor named Paul Petersen who is president of the group A Minor Consideration, makes the financial guardianship petition even though he has no direct relation to the children. And this is okay? Yes, apparently, it is. Even in New York, that nonsense is permitted. Perfect strangers can come in after the fact and do this for no reason except that they are meddling in other people’s affairs!
Why didn’t he do that with Kate Gosselin? Do the Gosselin kids have a guardian? Cause they sure as heck seem like they might need one given the break down of their parents’ marriage and all. Did Gloria see the need to represent a petitioner who was seeking financial guardianship for them?
The thing with this case is that it is my understanding that Allred used to be in the Octomom camp till the two had a falling out over strategy or whatever and then she turned on the girl and now wants to use the law to get what she couldn’t get otherwise, which is control over those kids.
I mean, it burns me because before she came into infamy for over-production of babies, nobody cared one damn about Nadya Suleman. She managed to do something novel, interesting, and potentially lucrative –which is to birth 8 babies in one birthing (without a husband, on welfare, and with 6 other kids at home) and all of a sudden, she is the Paris Hilton of invitro fertilization, and every body wants in on the freak show. Everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame because of this girl and her kids.
Now, like everybody else, I was horrified when I first heard the story. I wrote about it ad nauseum on this blog as a matter of fact. But at the end of the day, these are her kids and until she demonstrates that she can’t handle their care and finances, she should be left alone to raise her kids. There is no automatic bar on how many kids a woman can have in this country; or for that matter, on whether a mother can put her kids in show biz if the viewing public find them interesting for some reason.
So long as the child labor laws are obeyed, I see no reason that these kids should have a guardian, unless Nadya demonstrates that she is mishandling the money they make from any TV shows or endorsement deals.
The thing with appointing guardians is that it is a money making machine. I know because I have been a court evaluator on a couple of cases. And it makes money for the guardian, the court evaluator, court appointed lawyer (each baby could get it’s own lawyer, btw)  sometimes even the petitioner (who often times wants to be the guardian.) And what happens is that over time, the very estate that the law is trying to protect, is depleted with all these fees that comes from a court appointed guardian.
I don’t know. I don’t really want to go any further with this post as I have a bunch of other competing things to deal with right now. But I think this is not Gloria and her client’s business and I think they should leave that girl alone with her kids till she demonstrates, if she ever does, that she can’t handle their care and their finances.
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