How to divorce your spouse and keep the cat

Just got through pretending I was Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels to the beat of Latin music (couldnt’ tell you anything about the lyrics except the part “uno, dos, tres, quatros…!!!”) but I definitely pranced my flat posterior around the small space I managed to clear of debris (since the contractor Salvador and his brother Rymundo finished their renovations and painting – see this post if you don’t know what I”m talking about in celebration of the small feat.
Now I am sitting here wondering what to blog about today. Do you think it is easy to keep a niche blog about divorce going? Cause it ain’t, darling. It ain’t. I am in my 8th month of consistent blogging and sometimes, I just lose my mind and write complete nonsensicalness. Like I’m about to do now. Cause how many people have this as an issue, “keeping the cat” after divorce?
Well, you know what? More than you probably think. A lot of couples today got married older or waited too long to have kids and so all they have is their pets. Nowadays, more and more people are fighting for custody of the pets as opposed to the kids. It’s not funny, but in a way, it sort of is funny. I mean, you just want to say, “folks, get a grip. Get a firm grip.” But then, you look at your own pet lying three feet away from you on his back, clearly contented and at peace, and you feel such overwhelming love for him, that you understand the turmoil that a person can go through when they think they could lose their loving/beloved pet if a marriage were to split up.
So how do you keep the cat after a divorce? Well, if you want sole custody, you will have to negotiate no doubt. Maybe take less spousal support, child support or equitable distribution. Alternatively, you can agree to split custody. Maybe the cat lives with you for half the week and with your spouse for the other half. You can alternate holidays and weekends. Or joint legal custody which means the cat lives with you but you and your spouse makes decisions about it’s medical care, etc.
Basically, I think the way you keep your cat after a divorce if the other party also wants the cat, is by using negotiation techniques. More and more courts are having to decide what happens to pets after a divorce, and just like kids, I think to the extent you can keep the court out of it and come to an agreement amongst yourself, the better for you and your feline baby.
Update: See this story about keeping the dog: