Ryan Jenkins removed teeth and fingers from ex wife Jasmine Fiorre before stuffing nude body in dumpster (allegedly)

Ryan Alexander Jenkins was a wealthy investment banker according to his own testimony. But was he also a deranged homocidal monster? The ex husband of the swim suit model Jasmine Fiore is accused of removing her fingers and teeth before stuffing her nude, badly beaten body into a dumpster. Presumably he did this so that she would not be identified. In fact, her breast implants serial numbers were the identifying mark that led police to put an apb on Ryan. (The two were last seen at a party the night before she turned up dead.)
He was reportedly jealous about a text message she had received from an ex lover.
What can you say? What’s next? Domestic abusers are going to cut out women’s breast implants to elude law enforcement?
And you know what? I don’t understand this. If you loved someone how can you do this? Jealous or not, what is this emotion that allows men to do this to women they once said they loved?