NEW YORK: Billionaire Henry Silverman to be a daddy with his Starbucks girlfriend Karen Hader (divorce from Nancy not final yet)

Henry Silverman is engaged to his Starbucks girl according to the New York Post. But can you believe the Post? Weren’t they the ones that reported yesterday that Bernie Madoff is dying of cancer and “not doing well” and having to take “20 pills a day” all of which were denied by the bureau of prisons?
Well, this story came out last year just about the time I began this divorce blog and so I did maybe a couple of stories on them. Check out this link if you are interested:
But now the Post is saying that the girl is pregnant and the baby is due in February. She and Henry reportedly have been renting a $40,000 per month Central Park West apartment since the scandal broke about their affair. Nancy took it really hard. Says the Post:

Silverman split from Nancy last fall. Silverman and Hader were at the Hotel Le Toiny in St. Barts a few months later when a well-lubricated friend of Nancy approached him and called him “a lying, cheating bastard.” But one of his pals told Page Six: “No man could have been more generous or more loving a husband or more of a gentleman to his wife.”

I mean, after 30 years of marriage, I would be devastated too. It’s like you wasted your whole life, you know? And the Post is saying that his Kids are happy about the baby and relationship. This must make it even tougher for Nancy.
I sure hope Henry knows what he is doing. He’s engaged to be married and I guess he can’t get married till the divorce from Nancy is finalized. But he’s looking at 21 years of child support whether or not a marriage ensues. He’s 70 now. So he’s gonna be paying till he dies, pretty much.
I guess some like it hot.