ITALY: Veronica Lario, estranged wife of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, writes book about their divorce

Veronica Lario, wife (soon to be ex wife) of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, allegedly stated in a new book, Tendenza Veronica, that it was her husband’s lies and fondness for young girls that drove her to file for divorce in April. In an Associated Press article, Ariel David writes:

In the book, Veronica Lario recalls how in April she made the decision after her husband failed to mention he would attend the birthday party of an 18-year-old model in Naples, telling her only about his official business in the southern city.
The premier’s attendance at Noemi Letizia’s party was later reported in the media and sparked a series of allegations over Berlusconi’s purported fondness for young women.

Ms. Lario states she is  “done trying to avoid him making himself look ridiculous in front of the world.” Makes me chuckle a little bit. I mean, honestly, Mr. Berlusconi is how old? 72? He is already about 20 years older than his wife. Honestly, what does he want with a teenager? Honestly? I mean….and what does the teenager want with him?
To me, this type of thing should be a sex offense that requires registry. As a general rule I mean. I am not speaking about Berlusconi’s situation. Cause, to be fair, he has denied these charges that have been leveled by his 53 year old wife. So he may not have done this.
But if he did, or any other man of his age went with a girl of 18? That should be a sex offense. It really should. Cause he can be her great grandfather. And that is just not okay.
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