CROATIA: Robert Benmosche will never divorce Denise but if he did….

Robert Benmosche, 65, is the new CEO of embattled AIG.  The laid back flip flops and Khaki pants wearing cognoscenti (and wine connoisseur) recently gave an interview to a couple of reporters from his villa in Croatia which overlooks the Adriatic Sea. 
Now. I don’t know anything about the man or his marriage. But I can tell you that if he ever divorced that wife of his (Denise seems like she could possibly be high maintenance….can you imagine some schmucks from my past used to say I’m high maintenance? Is that a joke??? Last time I checked I don’t got no villa??!) a divorce would mean that….well, here is a sample of what will be at stake as far as equitable distribution, according to Reuters:

[Benmosche] bought the stone house (then a “complete wreck” in his words) in 2001 for about $1 million, and has since spent several times that amount in rebuilding the house and gardens. He used many imported materials, including Italian tiles, and added Viking stoves, an 18th century French tapestry, a well-stocked wine cellar and a huge 1922 Persian rug.
The terraces stretch across 160 or 170 feet…of sea front, where he keeps a 135 horsepower boat parked in front.
“Every bathroom is like a piece of art,” he said while showing off his master bathroom with his wife Denise. “Women go wild when they walk in here.” The room had an oversize wall-to-wall mirror, Jacuzzi, large glass-enclosed shower and plenty of natural light.

Yep. And that’s just the Croatia vacation house, darling. Can you imagine the spread they have in New York? I wonder how much his bonus is? Denise gets a piece of that if anything goes down. Yep. Although, I don’t think anything will. I think Denise has been his first and only wife. She’s in this thing for the long haul. But just. in. case. she may want to read this:
As for him, they are saying in the Wall Street Journal that he is bringing the “swagger” back to AIG.
Did I mention I love that word, “swagger?” Since the Black Eyed Peas’ summer hit, I like the boom boom pow, watch my swagger, I’ve been hooked on the word.
Well, okay. So that’s it for now on Benmosche. He’s not getting divorced, has never been divorced, but if he were to ever get divorced, there is a lot at stake as far as equitable distribution, including the swanky villa in Croatia that overlooks the Adriatic Sea. And, while we’re on the subject, he’s also bringing the sexy back to AIG.