MASSACHUSETTS: With Ted Kennedy dead, eyes are on ex-wife Joan to see how she holds up

Senator Ted Kennedy is dead. All the blogs are talking about it. So I had to talk about it too. So what is the angle? Well, he was the “Lion of the Senate.” He was father, uncle, and husband to two women (at separate times, of course.)
His first wife Joan Kennedy was married to Ted Kennedy for about 24 years and they divorced in 1982 (Ted made provisions for Joan in his will as part of their divorce settlement).  It is said that due to his numerous infidelities, her multiple miscarriages, and the pressures of being one of the wives of Camelot (she was reportedly shy as compared to the lionesses Jackie, Ethel and…), Joan began drinking heavily and later became an alcoholic. Ted’s 1969 Chappaquiddick situation didn’t help matters any. There was only one thing that was going to lead to and that is DIVORCE.
But poor Joan was wrecked by then. And largely, she still is. In 2005, Joan, 68, was found lying in the streets of Boston in the rain and her children later petitioned the court for guardianship of her – and got said guardianship. So my impression is that she is very frail. And though Ted Kennedy was re-married to Vicki Kennedy after his divorce from Joan, he and Joan remained cordial and they share 3 adult kids. I kind of am scared about how she is going to handle his death. 
But at least the kids are on it. With the guardianship and everything.
RIP, Senator! We Salute You.