Did you go dutch on your first date? That's probably why you're getting divorced

I may not know Mr. Right when I see him. But I do know Mr. Wrong. Mr. Wrong is any man who lets you pay for your own meal/entertainment on the first date.  In my travels, I met one man who not only let me pay my share, he let me pay for the whole meal! I was in total shock. Seriously, my entire system was so revolted, I almost threw up right there in the French bistro.
I look askance at stuff like this. I really do. I don’t see how any woman doesn’t  see red flags with this and proceed to marry such an individual. And you know what?  This is happening more and more. More and more men are pulling this maneuver and women are accepting it and continuing to see these losers. And then they marry him! Are they nuts? And not even five years later, they are crying cause the marriage is a mess and they want a divorce? Please. I don’t want to hear it at that point.
You cannot marry a man who makes you pay dutch on the first date and expect he is going to treat you well as the years roll by. I don’t care how poor he is. If you willingly and knowingly marry a pauper, that’s your business. But if you marry a stingy sob after he makes you pay your half of date one, or even pay the whole thing? You’re a darn fool and you deserve what you get cause I warned you. DO NOT MARRY A MAN WHO MAKES YOU GO DUTCH ON THE FIRST DATE. He is stingy, misogynistic, slacker, insensitive, disinterested in you, lazy, unromantic, loser, selfish, could care less about your pleasure, commitment-phobic, angry, indifferent and disdainful of you from the very start. It doesn’t matter if he seems to warm up as the months go by. First impressions and first actions are the key that unlocks his psyche. In the end of the marriage, you will be calling this guy a bastard – guaranteed. You will be saying he’s unromantic and insensitive to you – and you would be correct. Worse, you will find yourself having to “be the man” in the relationship in many ways (which is not sexy at all unless you’re Martina Navratolova’s lover).
And further more, as women, we need to stop offering to pay our way on these first dates. A lot of men have to re-learn what it means to be men. That is my grand conclusion. And it is largely womens’ fault that all this confusion exists and men seem not to have a clue of how to go about their roles as men. We have rendered them bungling, confused, Ken dolls. It’s a problem.
I mean, it’s like, the bill comes and there is this disco of who will “get it.” And then, the music stops and you are on the hook for at least half, or, as in the case of the guy referenced above, the whole date, and then you’re pissed. Cause the woman who dated him before you did obviously did something that has left this specimen totally confused….and it is so destructive to the libido isn’t it? It’s kind of like, kissing him even a peck on the cheek at the end of  a first date where he makes you go dutch?  About as revolting as eating raw cat poop. Know what I mean?
Hear and heed: If a man makes you pay on the first date, do not marry him. The marriage will end in divorce in less than five years.