YEMEN: Nujood Ali, 10 yr old child bride from Yemen on her post-divorce nightmares

She grabbed international attention last year (and was Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year) but now Nujood Ali feels that post-divorce, her future isn’t as bright as folks led her to believe it would be.  Check out the CNN report here,
You may remember Nujood from the post we did last year about her and even named her one of our “IT LIST” of ten divorcees to 2008. Nujood was forced into marriage by her indigent parents in Yemen to a man old enough to be her grand father. The man raped her and treated her with great indignity. She took a taxi on her own and went to court to get a divorce. She was granted a divorce and she won international  acclaim for her bravery. Her family expected a lot of money to come from all the attention but nothing has happened so far. I mean, there is a book in the works and she is expected to get royalties. But for right now, she’s still poor and she is pretty much being treated as persona non grata in her community.
I mean, what can you say? You know? What kind of society is this that even allows crap like this to happen to kids in the first place? What is wrong with these people?
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