FLORIDA: Divorcing the mob: Lewis & Eileen Kasman on the complications mob ties can pose

According to the Palm Beach Post, Boca Raton’s Lewis Kasman, “self-described adopted son of John Gotti” is having some trouble with a capital “T”. In fact, Kasman, who is going through a messy divorce from his wife Eileen, is also currently in protective custody after “squealing” on scores of other mobsters in New York and Florida. Says the Palm Beach Post:

In September, he testified in federal court in West Palm Beach against a man prosecutors described as the leader of the South Florida branch of the Gambino crime family. Vincent Artuso and three others were convicted in a sweeping racketeering scheme in which they defrauded ADT Security Services of $11 million over five years. Kasman is expected to testify in trials in New York this fall.

To complicate things even more, Kasman’s divorce situation is a mess as I stated above.  At issue is visitation with his minor daughter, and equitable distribution. As to the latter issue, Kasman says he is pretty much broke and gets only about a $250 from the government per week and so, he can’t pay Eileen any alimony and maintenance and spousal support even though she’s used to living the high life with a big house and fancy cars and all the other “acoutrements” that goes with having money in Boca Raton.
Eileen isn’t buying it. She feels that Lewis has all this money hidden in secret accounts somewhere and she and her lawyer Carol Kartagener are intent on finding it.  
As for the visitation issue, I mean, how do you work that out when your husband is in protective custody? Isn’t this a death wish on his part? I would think it would be the easiest way for the other mobsters to catch Kasman is to lurk and wait for him to visit with his daughter and then pop him off.  Why would he make an issue of this when it is for his own protection that he doesn’t have visitation with his kid?