How might starting a divorce blog help you handle your divorce?

Maybe you are thinking of starting your own divorce blog after enduring a particularly painful divorce? Or maybe not. I think if you are thinking about it, (like my pal Elizabeth) you should go for it. Starting a divorce blog as someone who has been through divorce can be incredibly therapeutic. I know for me, as a divorce attorney, it is extremely therapeutic. First of all, you read all these stories on other people’s divorce blogs and it just puts a lot in perspective. Plus, you realize that it is not life and death most of the time. In fact, if you scratch the surface a little, it is usually full of humor and funny spots and you find yourself cracking up and then, it just doesn’t seem so bad or so intense.
There are thousands of divorce blogs on the Internet. You only have to Google the term “Divorce Blogs” to see what I mean. Tens of thousands of backlinks and results for that search term. So there is something for everybody – men, women, lawyers, judges, journalists, everybody has a resource because tons of folks have started divorce blogs.
Not every divorce blog is the same, though. I mean, this blog, for example, is not easily categorized. Sure it is about divorce, but then, we tackle a lot of different issues here, from politics to current events, to law. We try to see the “divorce” issue in every news story. But some divorce blogs are just about divorce information for people actually going through divorce. Some are just about divorce news. Some are just about celebrities. We try to be about everything and then some. Yours, if you started one, could be about your own personal experience. People relate to those types of blogs a lot, I think.