Rosemary Port divorces her last sane brain cell and sues Google

FIT student and “skank” blogger Rosemary Port has not apologized to model Liskula Cohen for the “defamatory” statements she made about the fresh-faced beauty. But this week Ms. Port (I have to admit she has a great name) came out with her guns drawn  on account of the fact that Google obeyed a court order and disclosed Ms. Port’s identity as the anonymous blogger behind the Cohen attacks.
What does homegirl do? Well, she loses her mind completely and decides to sue Google for $15 million dollars! When I heard that, I quietly concluded that the girl is nuts. Maybe that is why Cohen dropped the lawsuit altogether. Cause she knows what everyone will soon find out. Rosemary Port is a complete nut and is not responsible for her actions. I mean, you have to be nuts to do what she did.
I’m glad the judge ruled the way he did on this case, though. It gives me hope for a case I am working on; same type of anonymous attack that potentially ruins a person’s reputation and life but this one is dealing with Live Journal. 
Folks must know that they can’t just pull stunts like that and hide behind anonymity. There will be consequences. And I don’t care how divorced they claim to be from their sanity. There will be consequences.