How to get a divorce certificate in New York

The New York Department of Health outlines what you need to do to obtain a divorce certificate here:
nyweddingBasically, when you get divorced (anytime after 1963) you can get both a divorce certificate and a divorce decree. They are different. The certificate you get from the Department of Health and the decree you get from the county clerk at the court you were adjudicated divorced.
Only the husband or wife can get a divorce certificate. Other parties need a court order in order to get a divorce certificate for somebody else’s divorce.
Right now it costs about $30 to obtain a divorce certificate in New York. But if you want expedited handling, you pay extra, like $15.00. And it can take anywhere from 5 days to 8 weeks to obtain depending on whether you ordered by mail on on the Internet and whether you paid for expedited service or not.
You MUST provide valid ID such as a passport, military ID or driver’s license or your application will be rejected. You also have to provide proof of address such as a utility bill, or letter from a government agency or a telephone bill.