CALIFORNIA: Inge Bongo, wife of Ali Bongo – billionaire/prime minister of the African nation Gabon – is in CA living on food stamps and can't get child support for her kids

Inge Bongo, l’épouse d’Ali Bongo – Le milliardaire / Premier Ministre de ce pays d’Afrique Gabon – CA est en vie, les coupons alimentaires et ne peut pas obtenir une pension alimentaire pour ses enfants | Le Saloon Divorce
According to the New York Post, prime minister-to be of Gabon, Ali Bongo, is a dead beat dad. He doesn’t pay child support for his kids even though he is a billionaire and makes loads of cash from the country’s oil reserves. Also part of Mr. Bongo’s charm is the fact that he is a polygamist (or bigamist; Inge should read this Though he and Inge are not divorced, he is re-married to another woman in Gabon. (I guess he subscribes to Sharia Law or something?)
So, according to the Post, Inge is on welfare in Southern California. She ran back to Southern California after being beaten and voodoo-smacked by a bunch of Gabonese women who wanted her out of their country and out of the bed of their heir apparent, Ali. (Guess they felt they would be a better wife for him than Inge?)
Says the Post:

Inge, the lovely wife of fabulously wealthy Ali Bongo — whose father, Omar Bongo, died in June after ruling for more than four decades — still has the scars from the beatings she endured, and voodoo exorcisms carried out by witch doctors who slashed her and put black-magic medicine in her wounds.

Wow. What can you say? I mean….what can you say?
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