Does keeping your last name while married pre-dispose you to divorce?

Jenna Bush Hager, former first daughter, is to become a special correspondent for NBC’s Today show. At first when I read that on Google Trends, I was like, who is Jenna Bush Hager? Then I remembered: Oh, that is Jenna Bush, daughter of former president George W. Bush. And then, the idea for this post just literally popped into my brain.
Cause notice how Jenna Bush is now Jenna Bush Hager? And the 27 year old is not unique in that sense. A lot of women today still continue to take their husband’s last name. But there is a growing cross-section of women who insist on keeping their last names and I just wonder how, if at all, does that factor into the divorce rate? Probably not at all. I mean, look at Hillary Clinton. She took Bill’s last name after many years of marriage, and some say only for political reasons. Yet, that marriage is solid as a rock.
Britney Spears on the other hand never took Kevin’s last name, Federline, and we see what happened there. Jennifer Anniston was never Jennifer Pitt or Jennifer Anniston Pitt. Gwyneth Paltrow never became Gwyneth Martin. Laura Bush….
But then again, who are some of the women who took their husband’s last names? Courtney Cox Arquette is one. Marie Douglas David. Elaine Wynn. Elizabeth Edwards. Michelle Obama. Carla Bruni Sarkozy. Ivana Trump.
Hme…there is no rhyme or reason here. I mean, I almost want to say that women who simply dropped their own last names and just became their husband’s last name are more successful at the marriage. But then, Ivana Trump and Elaine Wynn and gals like that prove me wrong with that. So then I want to say if the woman keeps her last name and either hyphenate her husband’s last name or just adds his last name and uses hers as sort of a middle name, that the marriage will be successful – like Jada Pinkett Smith. But that is also not true because well, look at countess Marie Douglas David.
So finally I want to say, well, if the woman keeps her own name and doesn’t adopt her husband’s at all, she is better off. But look at women like Britney Spears and Jennifer Anniston.
So, what is the takeaway? I guess it doesn’t matter whether you keep your name or not. It’s really about who you pick as a husband and whether you are both committed and whether you are compatible that will decide….although, there is a part of me that still thinks that if you take his name, it might just give you a little teeny weeny edge than if you don’t. I mean, it seems that you have submitted to him in a sort of primal kind of way, which I think they secretly love (men that is).
I mean, you know what I mean?
Although, at this point, I’ve already said, unless he has a really interesting last name, if I did tie the knot at this point, I’m keeping my own name. I mean I am my own woman, thank him very much and he sure took his own sweet time getting here and gave me all this time to grow into being my own woman. So I am keeping my name that my daddy gave me and maybe if he’s lucky, I’ll let him name the kids his last name. But only if he is really, really lucky.
hahhaahhahahahahahaha.   🙂 (Brenda Monteau’s gonna kill me for stealing her trademark cackle, but hey!)
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