Lessons from Princess Diana and Prince Charles's divorce

Today is the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death more than 10 years ago (well, it’s more like 12 years). I thought it was appropriate to honor her memory by doing a post about her. Of course, finding an angle is always a challenge. But then I remembered her famous quote, “there were 3 of us in that marriage. So it got a bit crowded.” And I thought, perfect. This is a good angle for a post.
Cause, obviously, you can’t have that. Marriage is a picnic for two and where one party purports to bring in appendages, acoutrements and baggages (aka other people and third party interlopers) into it, you are going to have a serious problem that will likely end in divorce as it did for Charles and Diana. And it’s sad, isn’t it? Because Charles obviously loved the very homely Camilla and did not love the drop dead gorgeous Diana. So then, my big thing is he should have married Camilla and left that poor virgin maiden alone to find somebody who loved her! It was very inappropriate for this 30 something man to have married an innocent little girl and then spend the marriage seeking counsel and companionship from his consort (who by the way was married to somebody else as well.)
That effectively wrecked Diana’s life and indirectly led to her death. So the lesson is, as far as I can discern, is marry who you love, first of all. Second of all, don’t bring a third party into the marriage the way that Charles did (better just to get divorced and be with that person.) And last lesson of Charles and Diana’s saga is, Camilla Shand Parker-Bowles Windsor proves that…well, look at Camilla and compare her to Diana. What else needs to be said?