ROME: Did the Berlusconis have an open marriage that blew up?

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This link has a very interesting article about the Berlusconis
I am loathe to say anything about this case cause he’s a billionaire and he’s suing newspapers for libel. He’s basically denying everything his wife has said, which is interesting. I mean, he can’t exactly censure free press and if it can be proven true, his libel case is dead in the water before he even starts. But at the same time, you never know. So I am not going to comment on whether this was an open marriage or not, or whether he cheated or not with a teenager. I wasn’t there, so what can I add? Nothing. So I won’t say anything.
But I did hear that some European magazines (Spain, Italy, France) had gotten pictures of guests cavorting naked at his home. That obviously doesn’t prove he cheated on his wife, but can you imagine Obama having house guests at his place in Chicago (when Michelle isn’t there) cavorting naked in a pool? It would outrage the entire world! And I mean, I am totally open minded, but I don’t think a world leader should do that.¬†It just reflects badly and shows poor judgment on his part. It’s debauched and improper and just unnecessarily lewd. You know?
So I get why he is suing. It’s embarassing. And if it is not true, then it does damage his reputation and would be tantamount to libel.
But the Telegraph’s article is interesting so check out the link above.