Hugh Hefner and Kimberly Conrad's divorce talk…she wants $5.2M + Mapleton

Hugh Hefner and his estranged wife Kimberly are talking divorce according to Divorce Magazine:

“I was surprised and saddened to learn of press reports,” Hefner said on Wednesday, as quoted in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, “that Kimberly Hefner, from whom I have been separated over 10 years, has apparently filed suit claiming that I owe her $5 million.”

Boy oh boy. At least it seems they had a prenup (so he’s not completely daft) but they seem to have revised it in 1998 after she first filed and then withdrew, her divorce petition. They’ve had an amicable separation for about a decade now, and lived on adjacent properties – he in the Playboy Mansion, and she in a home on the estate which she called Mapleton. Guess what? She also wants Mapleton half of Mapleton in the settlement and¬† she wants $40,000 per month child support for her 18 & 19 year old sons whom she had with the big bad boy Hefner.
Hefner is how old? Like, eightysomething? And Kimberly is 47. According to the Divorce Magazine article, Hefner is now dating three girls: twins, 19 year old Karissa and Kristina Shannon; and a gal named Crystal Harris. So you know this is making Kim feel slightly old. I mean, 19?! Wow. If true, homeboy needs to self-assess a little bit and ask himself some tough questions like, “at my age, have I started to look even slightly ridiculous?”¬†
Well, whatever. I just think it’s time for Hugh to put his clothes on and start behaving. I mean, enough is enough. Grow up, get dressed and take up a hobby that doesn’t involve half naked women. For chrissakes, Hugh, you are fricking eighty-three!
But about the $5.2 million that Kimberly wants Hugh to pony up. I mean, it was a relatively long term marriage. They married in 1989 and she filed for divorce in 1998 then withdrew it and they were separated. Now, in 2009 she is filing again. So we are looking at 20 years. That is not relatively long, actually. That’s just long period. She deserves half of whatever he made during the marriage. I mean, I don’t know if he should have to liquidate the Playboy Mansion or anything (especially if he bought it before the marriage). But she should definitely get half of anything he made during the last two decades.
And child support too.