NFL stars have an 80% divorce rate. How come?

The New York Times did a report the other day about National Football League stars and how high their rate of divorce is. Here are some of the reasons for that according to the report:

Rampant infidelity, women who target athletes, trophy wives, lifestyles not conducive to marriage and players being surrounded by entourages, which can discourage intimacy.

Famed New York Divorce attorney Raoul Felder was also interviewed for the report and he basically came out and said  “There’s a maximum of temptation and lots of money floating around. It’s a bad brew.”
Wow. Well, 80% is a high rate. But there seems to be a lot of superficiality in these marriages from the start. An obscene percentage of these guys go for the “trophy wife.” Nothing wrong with that if that’s what they want, but what has that to do with a long term partnership that is predicated on wholesomeness and commitment and true/lasting love? Plus, I think a lot of these young men are full of themselves. Yes, that’s right. They are full of themselves and full of it. They believe the hype. They believe the press. The become arrogant and haughty and this does not translate well in a marriage.
The wives of these men are also problematic because they “target” them for their job appeal and, again, that doesn’t seem to comport with wholesomeness, commitment and true/lasting love.
The solution is humility on the part of the players. They will then choose mates for more wholesome reasons, and they will “behave” in their marriages too, as a result of this humble persona, and their marriages will last a lot longer, and divorce will become the exception and not the rule.
The divorce rate in the NFL comes down to a total lack of humility. Guys, get humble, stay married. You are not the second coming of Christ. And I say that with love. As if I am talking to my brother or my son. Get over yourselves and you will lower the divorce rate in the NFL.