NEW YORK: Is Mark Madoff getting divorced? Or is he just losing his swagger?

Mark Madoff pre and post Ponzi…has he lost his swagger*?….did I mention I love the word Swagger? I think if I ever had a son, I might even call him that. Swagger. Swagger Jones. Do you think that could work?
Okay. Moving right along.¬†Poor Mark Madoff isn’t looking too debonair these days. I was just over at New York Magazine’s website looking for an article for another post I am working on and saw this story today about how Mark isn’t looking…well, like Mark. I, of course, always in divorce mode, wondered if his marriage is now on the rocks?
But seriously, he should be arrested for letting himself go like this. Earth to Mark: Your daddy would want you to hold it up. See how he never let a hair go awry all the while his life was imploding? Even his mug shot was classy. So, get yourself together, shave, and find a way to cope without putting on 50 pounds. You are starting to resemble a….well, a very fat boy.
*I should have known. Swagger can have a negative connotation in the “hood” so you know what? My son will not be called that after all. Which is too bad cause it can be a beautiful word. But they have made it mean negative and filthy things. Oh well. Maybe I’ll just name him James.