Divorce not yet signed and he’s already shopping at La Perla for the other woman who just happens to be Asian?

Divorce not yet signed and already he’s shopping at La Perla for the other woman who just happens to be Asian?

shoppinf at La Perla
Your soon to ex husband already shopping at La Perla for his Asian girlfriend?

Is your soon to be ex husband shopping at La Perla for the other woman before the ink is dried on your divorce? And is this person Asian?
Forgive me in advance if this post is even slightly inappropriate. Two things inspired it. The first is an article I was reading in a fashion mag today  called, The New Trophy Wife by Ying Chu. The other was a memory I had of an article I had read in New York Magazine about CEO George David’s divorce from Countess Marie Douglas David, where New York Magazine alleges that the Post alleged the following exchanges occurred while David was on the stand:

The Post painstakingly transcribed his conversation with his wife’s lawyer for our horrortainment.

“You also made a purchase at La Perla?” the lawyer continued. “And prior to going to London, you made a purchase at La Perla in New York?”
“I don’t recall,” said the mogul.
“And La Perla is a women’s — uh — lingerie store?”
“Bathing suits,” said the mogul.
“High end?” asked the lawyer.
“I don’t know enough to know that,” the mogul snapped at the well-dressed lawyer, whose brightly colored socks are something of a trademark. “I suppose you know more than I do.”
“Well, do you buy clothing for yourself there?” the lawyer asked, apparently trying to pin down just whose posteriors the purchased La Perlas were destined to barely cover.
“As far as I know, not,” the mogul answered.
“What does that mean?” asked the lawyer.
“Well, I don’t think they have clothing for men.”

And I just thought to myself, wow. This would make an interesting post. The Asian Trophy wife, and this La Perla reference.
Let me start by saying that I was totally unaware that all these powerful men older White men, had taken markedly younger Asian women as their wives until Chu pointed this out in her article, to wit: men like Nicolas Cage, Woody Allen (that I knew), Jean Todt (who’s he?), Rupert Murdoch, Les Moonves, billionaires George Soros and Bruce Wasserstein, and a host of others.
Hme. I have to admit it is a very, very interesting trend. Ying Chu, the author (I’m assuming she’s Asian?) aptly titled the article The New Trophy Wife but she seems to disdain the cultural explosion of these May-December/interracial match ups between the “Asian Sylph and the silver-haired Western suit.” This coterie of Asian “princesses” are the new threat to the traditional American trophy wife.
Chu decries the stereotypes though. I quote her as saying that the  “excruciating colonial stereotypes — Asian women as submissive, domestic, hyper-sexual–are obviously nothing new….but why are we still indulging them?”
Hme…never knew Asian women were thought of that way.
And so….I mean, I had no idea, whatsoever. Have I been living under a rock?
Chu goes on to say:

It’s as though these Western men are hungry for a piece of that mystical Eastern formula. As such, Asians [women] are hot commodities right about now — status symbols as prized as a private gulfstream jet or a museum wing bearing your name (neither of which goes so well with a frumpy, aging first wife.)

Ouch. Like the way she cleverly threw in the adjective “frumpy” in there?
Things that make you go “hme…,” huh? And so, as I’m pedalling the bike trying to slim me thighs (which, by the way, I should say that I’ve actually lost a good 5 pounds lately, hoorah!!!) I wondered, (devilishly, true), whether any of these Asian “sylphs” had busted up any of the marriages of these “frumpy first wives” or whether she waited till the “Western suit” had asked for a divorce first, before Asian geisha slithered in her all her “submissive, domestic, hypersexual” glory and stole grandpa away from frumpette, and lured him over to La Perla where he could nurse his “fetishes” and costume his new little “dumpling” in satins and silks while  she “massages him with her toes”?…………..I mean, I’m just wondering?
Read the article yourself and see what you think: http://www.marieclaire.com/sex-love/advice/tips/asian-trophy-wife
Oh, and I wonder if billionaire Peter Brant’s Donald Trump’s next wife will be…Asian?
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