GREENWICH: Stefanie Seymour and Peter Brant's high-carat divorce is still pending

THERE’S AN UPDATE TO THIS POST HERE: Divorce called off!!! (09/20/10)
Last I heard, billionaire Peter Brant and super model Stephanie Seymour were trying to behave and handle their divorce like adults. That is admittedly not all that easy when you are talking about the amount of equity and assets that is at stake. I mean, compared to Brant, Bernie Madoff was a pauper notwithstanding all the stuff  Bernie acquired over the years, to wit: the yacht named Bull, the house in Cap D’Antibes, the place in Montauk, the place in Palm Beach and the Upper East Side Penthouse (all of which you can view here: well, actually, I couldn’t find the link, sorry…)
But. Peter Brant is a billionaire and he pretty much inherited a large part of his fortune so we know there is no ponzi scheme there. In fact, Peter is known to be a “very classy guy.” He was coined “The Donald Trump with taste” by the New York Times back in, what was it, 2004? Peter co-owns a bunch of publications including Interview Magazine and Art in America and Magazine Antiques. He is also a breeder/owner of a bunch of thorough bred race horses. And he is CEO of a Greenwich Connecticut company called White Birch Paper which manages six pulp and paper mills in the US and Canada.
The thing that is probably most intriguing about Peter is the fact that he has sired EIGHT kids. He only had 3 with his second wife Stefanie, though, so we are looking at child support only for those. His older kids (including a set of triplets which had nothing to do with fertility drugs for your information) are over the age of 21. At least, one of them is and he, too, is a very wealthy young man having founded the successful computer games company Take Two Interactive (according to Wikipedia.)
Anyhoo, the latest in the divorce seems to be that a charge for assault that Stephanie brought against Peter’s security guard was recently dropped (according to Fox News). The guard got a one year probation for allegedly shoving Stephanie into the door when she went to the mansion to pick up some stuff (you may recall that back in late Spring, Stephanie was reportedly tossed from the main house and forced to live with the maids  by her loving though estranged hubby.) In any event, Steff and the guard had pretty much kissed and made up and so long as he stays out of trouble for a year, his probation will pretty much end.
No word yet on a settlement between Stef and Peter, though. It is unclear if there  was a prenup. And it’s not as if she was a “gold-digger” who came to the marriage with nothing (she was a successful Victoria’s Secret model) but chances are her husband was more affluent and will have to pay some sort of spousal support. I mean, by any definition, this is a “high-carat” divorce and the distribution will likely blow your mind. I can’t wait to get all the details. Can you?
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