NEW YORK: Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons on why divorce could be the path to your best life!

Last Friday, I had dinner with a former client. I could scarcely believe the transformation to “diva” from “mouse” that this woman had done in 2 short years since her divorce was finalized. Over mai tai’s (my first) she wowed me with the goings on in her life. First of all, she is making a shitload of money, having opened up a bed and breakfast for international students. She’s traveling as if she’s a travel writer for the New York Times, always on the go to  some place exotic (will be spending Christmas in London….well, maybe that’s not so exotic). And she is literally long-distance dating an international pop star who is soon to make his debut in the US. I could not believe it.  I thought, “divorce is really the pathway to one’s best life sometimes, isn’t it?” No, really, this girl looked tremendous. She really landed on her feet with this one, big time.
And it seems the same is true for Mr. Russell Simmons, the hip hop mogul. Russell seems to be moving on just fine since his marriage to his wife, (I forgot her name, Jesus my memory is so bad and there is a serious reason why I just found out. It’s not even a joke, but what the hell is his ex-wife’s name? That Black/Asian woman with the great personality? Can’t remember….!!!) Anyway, I was just perusing the New York Post or one of those papers and I read that he was entertaining the likes of Ashley Dupre, the “escort”/call girl who, for $4300 per night, brought down the governor of New York, one Elliott Spitzer? Remember that story?  Well, apparently, the divorce Russell thinks Ashley’s had a bum deal with this thing with the governor (who is rumored to be eyeing public office again it’s so hilarious), and Russell wants to take Ashley under his wing, tutor her, give her a column on his blog, Global Grind, and also, give her a record deal (or, at least, facilitate a record deal for her with his business associates in the field). Must be nice, right? I mean here I am slaving over my blog and nobody cares, least of all the likes of Mr. Simmons. They yawn and bounce as quick as you can say “shut up” and there she is, she does what she did, and guess what? She’s soon gonna be in the fricking movies! What a country, eh?
But yea, I guess Russell is living his best life, post divorce with this new twist. … shhh….I’m whispering…..shhhh…..Apparently the two met at yoga class. I can’t even remember the type of yoga it sounds so foreign and complicated and expensive. But I think they are alleged to have met over yoga. And Russell took a liking to her and decided to “invent” her next incarnation as a pop star.
Yep. Uh-Huh.