Annie Le, Yale grad student missing days before wedding

Usually you hear of wives disappearing just prior to a divorce. But this time, a wife-to-be has disappeared in New Haven Connecticut’s prestigious Ivy League school, just prior to her wedding. The body of Annie Le has not been found and so authorities do not know if foul play is involved. What has been found in her office at Yale are her purse, cell phone, cash and credit cards.
Annie Le was days away from marrying a Columbia grad student, Jonathan Widawsky. He is not a suspect in her disappearance. The 4 feet 11 inches and 90 pounds woman was last seen in the lab at Yale but no surveillance cameras have shown her leaving the building.
We hope Annie is found alive. Maybe she had cold feet. Maybe as she looked down the road, she didn’t think she and Jonathan were sufficiently compatible and she panicked and fled rather than ask for a divorce,   well, she would just ask to break up since there was no marriage. But maybe she didnt know how to do that. I get the feeling she just decided to walk away from her life rather than say she couldn’t go through with it. She’s probably on her way to Asia and will not be heard from for two decades. I hope. It really is the best alternative rather than others, I would say. Even though, if she did just decide to walk away, that itself is rather selfish and cowardly. But better selfish and cowardly than….well, than the alternative. Right?
Widawsky. What an inauspicious name when you think about it.