Melanie Oudin's parent's divorce rumours messed up her US open slam

Georgia tennis sensation Melanie Oudin probably woulda won the US open were it not for the fact that her parents’ divorce/marital problems got leaked to the press and ruined her concentration, huh?
The seventeen year old, whose parents married in 1989, was reportedly being coached by Brian de Villiers, who also, allegedly, was having a little tete a tete with Melanie’s mom Leslie Oudin. That was their private business, and Melanie’s dad John Oudin filed for divorce in July 2008. He allegedly had admissions from both Leslie and Brian that they were, you know, having an affair. Allegedly. So he moved for divorce and the proceedings are still pending, even though allegedly, Leslie is forbidden from traveling with Brian or from interacting with him other than within the scope of Melanie’s tennis progress reports, pendente lite.
Which is fine. Except that, when this whole thing came out, it just totally ruined Melanie’s roll. She lost focus and ultimately was defeated by the 9th seeded Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark, which really was too bad. Cause it looked like she was going to go all the way there, for a minute.
Truth be told, I don’t know a damn thing about any of these people. So what am I talking about? I can barely type because I messed up about 4 of my fingers doing construction work on my apartment. First, I gashed my right hand near the wrist with a chopping knife (trying to lift vinyl from the kitchen floor) then I cut the back of my left index finger. Then I was using steel wool to remove white enamel from my hands (we won’t discuss the grandiose phock up I am in the middle of with respect to the parquet floors and white paint) and one of the bristles dug my left thumb and it is now infected. And I ripped off the skin of my right knuckle just above my middle finger. Am in real bad shape at the moment and it’s all my fault cause I’m a knuckle head and I need to know when to stop and I need to leave this work to folks who know what they are doing. It’s just that I have no patience and folks are taking their own sweet time and I need things done and I figured I’ll do it myself, but I didn’t calculate I could do this much damage to myself in one day.
So it’s hard to think or write about Melanie Oudin. Who is she anyways? I just saw her name on the Palm Beach Post and am basically joining the bandwagon. Something tells me that her and her parents’ divorce are old news now, anyways. I’m late with this. Ain’t nobody gonna even be reading this post.
So let me cut it. Now. Cause my hands really, really hurt. ouch!