The Henry T Nicholas III high carat divorce from wife Stacey heats up

Broadcom co-founder and former CEO Henry Nicolas and his wife Stacey are back in court trying to figure out who gets what of the $1 billion in community property they shared while married.
The Nicolases were divorced back in 2008 however, the matter is not settled as they did not determine the distribution. At the time of the divorce there were a number of outstanding lawsuits against Mr. Nicolas, including some federal action for manipulation of stock transactions that did not benefit shareholders in the publicly held concern, but in fact benefited him and his friends.
Mr. Nicolas is alleged to be a man deeply concerned with his pleasures who will even, according to court documents, break the law to feed his appetites. To wit:

But there was more, according to a claim made in court documents: plans for a “secret and convenient lair” with hidden entries for Nicholas to indulge his “manic obsession with prostitutes” and “addiction to cocaine and Ecstasy.”
The filing in Orange County Superior Court added that Nicholas had the interior built in warehouse space nearby, which became his “personal brothel” until his wife caught him having sex with a prostitute there.
The allegations by a construction team, denounced as fabrications by Nicholas’ lawyer, echoed others in a recently surfaced lawsuit filed late last year by Kenji Kato, a Nicholas assistant from 1999 to 2006. From the Los Angeles Times

You may remember a few years back Nicolas was accused of building a wharehouse underneath his posh Los Angeles home where he basically entertained women of ill-repute, and ALLEGEDLY engaged in drug use, among other tawdry things? I know I vaguely remember it. 
At the time of his divorce hearings in 2006 both he and his wife made allegations against the other that the other had used drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy and nitrate oxide (not sure about the spelling of the last one….I mean, what the hell is that anyways? And that is a purely rhetorical question. But it sounds like cleaning fluid?)
Yea. Theirs is definitely a messy divorce alright. Husband even accused wife of bonking the family’s security chief, a former LAPD cop who goes by the sobriquet Timothy Langan.  Langan apparently declared in an affidavit/declaration, which you can read here  that he saw Mr. Nicolas look for hidden drugs under a table in his home, after one of the young children found a “fanny pack” of drugs lying around willy nilly.
The Nicolases were married about 18 years by the time they separated for good. (Mrs. Nicolas first filed for divorce in 2002 but they reconciled. She filed again in 2005) They have three children and share joint custody of them. (Which is significant. It means they are not totally unreasonable and antagonistic towards each other.) According to the Los Angeles Times, their trial for distribution of their community property assets is scheduled for July 2010.
My ten cents worth: well, wow. Well, first of all, I looked at pictures of the hubby and he’s not very pretty looking, is he? Smart man. But not a pretty boy by any means. As for the drug allegations.  Wow. All I can say is so many highly successful people seem to indulge in this stuff. I’ve always marveled at how they can use drugs –even be addicted to it and strung out on it — yet are so successful and more bewildering, have healthy kids. I’ve started to wonder if they are successful because of the drugs rather than in spite of the drugs? And in my little pea brain, I thought that if you used drugs your kids would com out with all kinds of defects including  autism, deformities and stuff like that. But a lot of people who admitted drug use including celebrities and wealthy CEOs seem to have normal kids who look really healthy and cute.
So it leaves me to wonder how bad are these drugs really, as a threshold issue? And then, secondarily, as far as this particular high carat divorce, why are they getting a trial? This is California. Community property state. Split whatever you made during the marriage down the middle and call it a day.
Boy. Sometimes, as much as it sucks to be poor, I wonder if maybe it isn’t really a blessing in a strange kind of way? I mean, I would never want to live like this and be exposed to all of this. It seems so corrupted. So unclean. It’s like, ew.