Post divorce, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich goes for broke

For Roman Abramovich it’s Apres Irina, la deluge!
The Russian Oligarch/billionaire’s life, post-divorce, is sweet indeed. Not only is he dating 28 year old Russian hottie and art enthusiast and Editor of UK’s Pop Magazine, Daria Zhukova (her daddy’s an oligarch*, too, whatever that is), but Mr. Abramovich is adding like crazy to his global real estate holdings, and soon, he may very well make a pitch for the moon (and win the bid!). His latest acquisition, according to the Wall Street Journal, is “[A] 70-acre estate [that] rises behind Governor beach in the lush, wealthy Caribbean playground of St. Bart’s.” The article goes on to say that “Balinese bungalows with ocean views, tennis courts, swimming pools and music and dining pavilions dot the property.” This one cost him a modest $90 million. I mean, compared to the other divorcing Russian billionaire Dmitri Rybolovlev’s place in Palm Beach, this St. Bart’s spread is a bargain. But still, nothing to sneeze at when you are from my side of the tracks.
This newest holding in the Caribbean is in addition to a slew of properties all over the world, including Moscow, London, Colorado, and Cap D’Antibes, France. It’s a dizzying array of homes and things even though, to be fair, he had to cede quite a bit of his possessions to ex-wife Irina when their divorce was finalized back in 2007. Says the WSJ:

Mr. Abramovich’s primary residence is in Moscow, but he also has homes in London, where he bought Chelsea Football Club in 2003. His London real estate is in some of the capital’s ritziest neighborhoods—though he had to cede some of his prized possessions, such as a 420-acre West Sussex estate called Fyning Hill, to ex-wife Irina after their 2007 divorce.

My. My. How does one keep up and keep track with so much stuff? After some time I think it gets in the way of intimacy. Know what I mean? If I ever married a billionaire, we can have an apartment in New York and a beach house somewhere and that’s it. And they have to be small enough that we see each other and communicate without intercom. Sure, the private jet is okay. (So long as the pilot is sober and experienced) but a lot of the other acoutrements would have to go. Seriously. It’s too much. After a certain point, I think one starts to make love to the things and not to each other. One may even start to “worship” the things, they become like God. Which is a huge problem, and a recipe for divorce, loneliness and pre-mature death.
Ever notice how overly rich people typically don’t live to be 100 or older? But how poor farmers in the middle of East Bubble F do?
I’m just saying.
* Oligarchy means (I looked it up) a political system by a few people. So you do the verbal calculus/translations.