Whitney Houston's divorce from Bobby Brown as much her fault as his

Now that Whitney is making her comeback, everybody is dissing her ex husband Bobby, and pretty much they are trying to blame Bobby for Whitney’s plummet into rampant drug use and other debauchery.
I’m not buying it. I remember how Whitney was behaving in the heyday of her fall from grace and while I applaud her attempt to rehabilitate herself (and I hope her album does great even though I am not moved enough by her yet to purchase it) I am not buying this propaganda that this was because of her husband.
I have not yet forgotten, nor have I fully forgiven her for that time when she was carrying on like a….I don’t know what. I am taking a wait and see attitude with Ms. Houston. I want her to prove that she’s past this episode and she is the classy woman I used to think she was when I was in high school admiring her like all get out.
I don’t know anything about her husband and her marriage on a personal basis, obviously. But my experience with divorcing couples is that it takes two to tango and it takes two to ruin a marriage and it takes two to make a marriage work.
I don’t think Whitney’s husband is to blame for her drug use. I mean, who introduced these illicit substances to whom? God knows. I sure as heck don’t even care to find out. But I believe there is choice. If someone comes to you, an adult, and offers you drugs and you are not into that, you will decline. I know I would. And you would get out of the situation. Particularly if it is a man I am interested in spending my life with? It’s over. Immediately. Cause I want nothing to do with that. 
Even if Bobby introduced Whitney to drugs (and that is a big IF), she had the mindset to try that stuff. She did. And then she became an addict and it was a very ugly time in her life. And yes, everyone messes up in one way or another, but we all bear the consequences for our mistakes. We don’t blame-shift.
Sure, the marriage between those two seemed particularly toxic. But that was from both sides. And what I can’t stand, is this attempt to completely vilify Bobby Brown and make Whitney Houston a saint. Whitney Houston is not a saint. She was an adult woman who made the choices she made and she bears the consequences as anyone else similarly positioned. Bobby Brown is no boy scout either. And don’t get me wrong, it would be a cold day in hell before I marry a man like that. I mean, whaaat???? You muss be crazy. I do believe that one should be careful who one marries, just as one should be careful the friends one keeps. But Whitney liked Bobby enough and was attracted to him enough to marry him. She saw something in him that she dug and she hitched her wagon to his wagon. She made her choices. And so did he. And the rest is history. So stop blaming Bobby.
I mean, gimme a break. Have folks forgotten the way Whitney used to behave? And all that is Bobby’s fault? No. That was Whitney’s choice and she needs to grow up and accept responsibility.